DSP Operation Specialist

Job responsibilities

• Search, contact, and maintain local Delivery Service Partner (DSP) resources in the area.

• Coordinate and consolidate DSP suppliers for collaboration and potential partnerships.

• Perform daily backend system operations.

• Assist in building transportation and delivery networks in Île-de-France and other regions in France.

• Assist in managing service providers in related cities and regions where operations are conducted.

• Arrange and optimise transportation routes for increased efficiency and cost savings.

• Identify and resolve potential issues with suppliers to ensure smooth delivery operations.

• Generate evaluations regarding terminal delivery processes, trends, and performance for • optimisation and upgrades.

• Optimise delivery systems to enhance the operational quality of service providers and the transportation and delivery network.

Job requirements

• Must have a valid work and residence permit in France.

• Strong logical thinking, quick learner, and diligent in carrying out job responsibilities within the assigned scope.

• Demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, capable of handling a certain amount of work pressure.

• Able to communicate effectively with partners promptly and resolve issues swiftly.

• Proficiency in French, Mandarin, and English.

• No specific educational requirements.

• Interest in the logistics industry and a basic level of understanding, relevant experience is not mandatory.

What we offer

• Rapid developing company with listing potential, one of the top leaders in the market.

• A youthful, dynamic and highly engaged workplace based on a culture of respect and excellence. .

• Competitive Salary Package. .

• Visa sponsorship possibilities, bonus, pension, etc. .

• High localized team with flexible, harmonious and ambitious atmosphere. .

• Festival gifts & team building activities.

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