Warehouse Operations Specialist

Job responsibilities

• Enter forecasted data for incoming and outgoing goods.

• Record incoming and outgoing waybill (CMR) data.

• Prepare outgoing waybills in advance, scan them, record associated files, and facilitate communication between various departments.

• Daily processing of labels for incoming and outgoing goods, scanning them and recording them in the system using appropriate forms.

• Compile and input operational data, including bar codes.

• Manage supplier docking and good handling.

Job requirements

• Identity conditions: valid working and residence permits.

• Possess strong communication management skills, able to communicate independently and handle both external and internal warehouse affairs.

• Familiarity with warehouse management systems such as WMS and a good understanding of warehouse operations procedures and optimization.

• Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, capable of withstanding professional pressures.

• Familiarity with office software such as Microsoft Office.

• Strong problem-solving ability, skilled in identifying safety and operational issues in warehouse operations and resolving them promptly.

• Proficiency in French, Mandarin, and English.

What we offer

• Fast-growing company with potential for stock listing, one of the leading market leaders.

• A young, dynamic, and highly committed workplace culture based on respect and excellence.

• Competitive salary package.

• A highly localized team with a flexible, harmonious, and ambitious atmosphere.

• Holiday gifts and team-building activities.

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