Efficiency for Good


At CIRRO, we aspire to a world where each team member is a cornerstone of our mission to forge a brighter future.
We are passionate advocates of diversity and employee well-being, driven by industry innovation. Our active participation in social activities reflects our belief that business success and social responsibility are intertwined. We are committed to cultivating a brighter future that values individuals, our planet, and continual progress.
Enhancing skills for career growth

We are fostering an environment that champions growth, learning, and excellence. Recognizing the diverse roles within our organization, we have invested in specialized training, tailored to a diverse workforce. We strive to enhance the holistic career life of every member of the CIRRO family, ensuring they are equipped, safe, and primed for success in all their endeavors.

Shaping a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

We champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across our operational footprint spanning Oceania, Europe and North America. Our strength lies in our diverse talents, drawn from nations worldwide, ensuring our solutions resonate globally and locally. We aim for at least 30% female representation across all levels, valuing diversity in gender, ethnicity, and background to drive informed decisions and enrich our culture.

Advancing into smart automation and sustainable fulfillment

Utilizing a 400-strong AMR fleet, our advanced fulfillment centers in the UK, Germany, and the U.S. significantly boost e-commerce efficiency, achieving 3x faster operations with 99.99% accuracy. Our investments in R&D and digitalization consistently propel us forward, minimizing carbon footprint and setting new standards in warehouse automation and sustainability.

Guaranteeing employee safety in the supply chain

Safety is always our priority, especially for high-risk environments in our supply chain. We've launched comprehensive safety programs, with QHSE trainings for employees, tailored to meet industry-specific challenges. Our focus extends to hands-on forklift training, and equipping facilities with specialized escape routes and protective helmets, ensuring our workforce is thoroughly prepared and secure in all scenarios.

Engaging in social activities

We are committed to social responsibility and fostering a culture of sustainability. Our initiatives, including the Dopper Wave Action, tree planting, and community cleanup events, actively engage our team in environmental stewardship. Additionally, our involvement in future sustainable council events or seminars reinforces this commitment. These efforts empower our employees to be sustainability ambassadors, enriching our workplace and the wider community.