Efficiency for Good


CIRRO, as a leading e-commerce logistics and fulfillment service provider, is aware of the carbon emissions, primarily CO2, arising from international delivery transportation and warehouse operations. Our carbon footprint is attributed to facilities, equipment, transportation and necessary business journeys. We pledge to offset these emissions by channeling investments into renewable energy initiatives and community-supporting projects, ensuring a balance between our carbon footprint and offsetting efforts.
Dutch Methane Recovery Project

Project location: the Netherlands
This environmentally conscious farming initiative aims to reduce greenhouse gases by capturing methane from manure and enhancing farm sustainability with stable heating from thermal energy systems. Improved manure management techniques are expected to improve regional air quality notably. This project underscores our commitment to advancing sustainable and environmentally responsible agricultural practices.

Wind Power Project

Project location: India
This project involves the establishment of two wind power projects in India, with a total installed capacity of 34 MW. It will displace electricity typically generated by a fossil fuel-dominated grid, significantly contributing to cleaner energy. Annually, it supplies 68,503 MWh of renewable energy to the national grid, marking a substantial shift towards sustainable power generation and reducing reliance on non-renewable sources.

Climate Action Project

Project location: Global Ocean
The project focuses on Running Tide's carbon removal system, which utilizes natural pathways like terrestrial and marine biomass sinking and ocean alkalinity enhancement. This approach effectively and securely transfers carbon from the fast carbon cycle (comprising the atmosphere, biosphere, and upper ocean) to the slow carbon cycle at the ocean's depths, mitigating the threats of further warming and acidification to both the planet and the ocean.

Tree-planting Project

Lieu du projet : Bolivie
We are actively addressing environmental impact with a certified tree-planting project in Bolivia, targeting to offset 516 tons of CO2 emissions. This initiative, CIRRO E-Commerce Europe, aims to reduce the carbon footprint from 2,000,000 parcels within our European network in 2024, showcasing our sustainable e-commerce and green logistics practices.

Forest Conservation Project

Project location: the Netherlands
We actively participate in a Forest Conservation Project to offset carbon emissions, focusing on tree planting and maintenance, especially in areas like the Eersel. This initiative is crucial for CO2 absorption, biodiversity preservation, and mitigating our e-commerce logistics impact. Our commitment to maintaining these reforested areas demonstrates our dedication to responsible corporate practices.