Efficiency for Good


At CIRRO, our mission goes beyond transporting goods; it’s about forging connections across geographical boundaries and uniting communities.
Internally, we are committed to responsible corporate consumption, ensuring our practices, from energy use to resource allocation, meet the highest sustainability and efficiency standards.
Externally, our responsibility spans the entire supply chain, from sourcing products to final delivery, embedding our core values of sustainability and efficiency into every facet of our operation.
Optimal transport planning

In our pursuit of reduced CO2 emissions, we employed various approaches. We optimize routes using real-time data, employ software for efficient truck route planning, and maximize truck loading and capacity to minimize unnecessary trips. We utilize AI-driven virtual truck shipping to test and refine package delivery routes, all in support of our carbon footprint reduction goals.

Digital and automated order fulfillment

Embracing digital innovation, CIRRO employs Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) and a digital system that provides a spectrum of services from shipping data submission, bespoke label creation to bulk order placements. With complete transparency, monitor your shipments effortlessly and keep your customers informed.

Eco-friendly packaging

We prioritize eco-friendly packaging through partnerships with certified sustainable suppliers. Our packaging solutions include materials that can be recycled, biodegradable, or recyclable. Our commitment extends to compostable packaging, which naturally decomposes in 3-6 months, enriching the Earth with valuable nutrients during the process.

Recycling and resource efficiency

Our daily practices align with the principles of "Reduce, Recycle and Reuse". We engage in recycling post-use cardboard and minimizing resource wastage. We also focus on optimally sized packaging to minimize waste from cardboard. These operations resonate with responsible consumption, fostering a cycle of resource efficiency and environmental mindfulness.

Paperless and energy-efficient approach

Our paperless and energy-efficient actions include transitioning to digital processes for reducing waste and boosting productivity. We promote collaboration by utilizing online cloud resource sharing, which saves paper and time. We also encourage energy conservation, utilizing sensor lighting in offices and full-EV forklifts in warehouse operations to promote cleaner energy.