September 20, 2023

Last-mile delivery race: the key to customer satisfaction

Did you catch this fact? The right delivery options can boost conversions by 38%. The last leg of the delivery journey, that crucial span between a distribution center and a customer’s front door, is where the magic—or the mishaps—happen. E-commerce businesses are always trying to stay ahead and keep customers happy, and a big part of that is making sure the last-mile delivery is done right.

Key delivery factors that impact customers’ shopping experience

Retail Economics Research has grouped online shoppers into three main categories, each driven by specific preferences. These factors are key in shaping customer satisfaction, as they directly impact the online shopping experience. Here’s a breakdown of how online shoppers prioritize these factors:

  • Cost of delivery: 27.4%
  • Speed of delivery (e.g., same day/next day): 26.6%
  • Convenience of delivery (e.g., location, timeslot): 23%
  • Convenience of returns: 9.1%
  • Tracking visibility: 7%
  • Carbon footprint delivery: 6.9%
CIRRO Parcel Last-mile delivery option: PUDO

How last-mile delivery enhances customer satisfaction

Flexibility of delivery

Providing options like evening deliveries, weekend drop-offs, or the ability to reroute packages to alternative locations(PUDOs) or neighbors can enhance the overall delivery experience. Additionally, allowing customers to choose delivery windows that align with their availability gives them greater control over their orders.

Keeping in touch

When there are delays, changes in the delivery schedule, or unexpected circumstances, reach out promptly. By providing timely updates, you keep customers informed and demonstrate your commitment to their convenience. Open lines of communication, whether through SMS, email, or a dedicated app, foster trust and goodwill.

Speed of delivery

Faster delivery is a game-changer for your online business. Quick deliveries not only bring joy to customers but also boost your business performance. McKinsey found that in three European countries, half of consumers are happy to pay an extra 6 to 7 euros for same-day delivery on purchases over 59 euros.

End-to-end visibility and transparency

From placing an order to arriving at the customer’s doorstep, end-to-end tracking builds confidence and reduces anxiety. Real-time tracking, email notifications, and even interactive maps showing the delivery driver’s progress enhance reliability. Proactive communication regarding delays or issues and clear return policies reinforce the brand’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Quick wins in the race to last-mile delivery

Dynamic delivery windows

Offering customers flexible delivery windows and time slots, you can reduce delivery failure and ensure orders are received precisely when it suits the customer best.

Real-time tracking and notifications

Invest in real-time tracking technology that enables customers to track their deliveries with precision. Send automatic notifications at key delivery milestones, from order confirmation to final delivery confirmation.

Integrated multi-carrier network

By using different shipping companies and comparing their rates, delivery routes and times, you can cover more ground with lower risks, and give customers more choices. It also makes your business more scalable and cost-efficient.

Choose CIRRO Parcel to elevate your delivery capabilities. We strongly focus on innovative technologies, exceptional customer service, and a comprehensive network of Delivery Service Partners (DSPs), you can profit from our expertise to tackle specific delivery challenges and boost your end customer’s satisfaction.