April 25, 2024

How to ace last-mile delivery in France: things e-retailers need to know

What are the leading concerns among e-commerce retailers in France in 2023? 76% of e-retailers are stressed about rising delivery costs, and 72% are worried about supply chain disruptions. If you’re part of the French e-commerce market, optimizing your last-mile delivery could be your game-changer. Ready to stay on top of the game? Let’s unpack the strategies that can keep your business thriving.

Know about your competitors and customers

83% of French e-commerce retailers offer Out-of-Home delivery. Additionally, 56% use recyclable packaging, and 16% use reusable options.

Home delivery remains the preferred choice for 78% of French consumers, followed by collection points at 71% and click-and-collect services at 26%. High delivery fees are the primary reason consumers abandon their shopping carts.

French e-commerce and last-mile delivery overview in France.

Top tips to ace your last-mile delivery game?

Offer multiple delivery options

To enhance last-mile delivery, provide your customers with various delivery options. This approach gives them greater control and convenience, allowing them to choose a method that best balances their need for speed, location preferences, and budget. Offer popular delivery methods such as on-demand delivery, two-day delivery, and standard delivery to meet diverse customer needs and enhance their overall satisfaction.

Leverage technology

Leveraging data analytics and supply chain management tools. These technologies can help you optimize your inventory and streamline your distribution processes. These technologies provide insights into demand forecasting, route optimization, and customer buying patterns, allowing you to make informed decisions that cut costs and improve service. Implement systems that automate inventory tracking and order management to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Integrate advanced solutions

Focus on adopting integrated solutions encompassing advanced technology platforms to streamline logistics operations. Ensure that your delivery network is flexible and robust enough to adapt efficiently to fluctuating demand.

Choose the right partners for scalability and efficiency

Seek logistics partners who support your growth and offer stable and scalable services aligned with your long-term business objectives. Not all carriers or couriers possess the equipment or expertise to manage bulky items and pre-sorted parcels.

Carefully evaluate key factors such as competitive rates, sorting capabilities, and service coverage. Additionally, consider partnering with local or regional delivery services that provide more flexible delivery options and extensive coverage.

Last-mile delivery man delivering parcel to end-consumers.

How to choose the right parcel delivery partners for your e-commerce business?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for your last-mile delivery. Here are some inspirations for you:

Identify your shipping needs

To effectively select a parcel delivery partner, clearly define your business needs. Consider the following questions to guide your decision:

  • Volume: How many parcels do you ship daily, weekly, or monthly?
  • Package details: What are the typical size and weight of your packages?
  • Consumer preferences: What delivery options do your customers prefer?
  • Multiple providers: Is there a need to use several different service providers to meet all your shipping needs?
  • Priorities: What are your key priorities when choosing a delivery service? (e.g., speed, cost, reliability)

Evaluate flexibility and scalability

Your delivery partner should be able to scale your business and adapt to changing needs. This includes handling peak seasons, sudden increases in demand, and expanding to new markets.

Compare service offerings

Look at the range of services different couriers offer. Some might specialize in fast deliveries, while others offer cost-effective solutions for heavier parcels. Evaluate their delivery speeds, handling of special items, last-mile capabilities, and service coverage.

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