December 18, 2023

Exploring the French fashion market: parcel delivery tips

France is a key player in the European e-commerce landscape, hitting over USD 150 billion in e-commerce sales revenue during 2022. France’s most lucrative e-commerce segment is fashion and apparel, generating USD 20.87 billion in revenue, just behind the UK and Germany. Let’s explore insights into the French fashion scene and important shipping tips you shouldn’t miss.

Online fashion e-commerce landscape in France

In 2022, Zalando and ASOS excelled in online fashion, each holding around 11% market share in French apparel sales. Their sustained top-five positions in e-commerce net sales reflect strong consumer preference and market dominance in France.

Online fashion e-commerce landscape in France

Shipping essentials to know when you sell on online fashion platforms

Organize pick-ups: The journey of your products to the end customer starts with efficient coordination for the pick-ups. Consolidating orders and ensuring a seamless process are essential. A well-organized pick-up process sets the stage for timely deliveries.

Strong last-mile delivery network in France: Selling on online fashion platforms like Zalando requires an understanding of logistics circumstances and close partnerships with local carriers, such as Colissimo, and Chronopost. Navigating the complex last-mile carrier network is challenging yet essential for ensuring a smooth delivery.

Ensure smooth customer returns: In France, 25.49% of online fashion purchases were returned, with 95% of French shoppers preferring drop-off points for product returns. Making returns hassle-free is key to creating a positive customer experience and building trust.

Tap into the French last-mile delivery network

To effectively enter the French market through leading online fashion platforms such as Zalando, your success depends not just on products, but also on mastering the last-mile delivery. A robust last-mile network enables seamless coordination with local partners for timely updates and adaptable delivery choices.

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