Customer Service Specialist

Job responsibilities

• Daily assistance to customers by answering their queries, especially regarding the tracking and receipt of their parcels, ensuring clear and precise communication to maintain satisfaction.

• Record and update customer information in the company’s computer system for efficient tracking of shipments and claims.

• Address delivery incidents, such as delays or undelivered parcels, by initiating investigations and coordinating with logistic partners to resolve these issues promptly.

• Inform customers of proposed solutions or compensation in case of delivery problems, ensuring satisfactory closure of their cases.

• Participate in the management of merchandise returns, ensuring that return procedures are carried out in accordance with company policies.

• Collaborate with logistics teams to optimize shipping and delivery processes, contributing to the continuous improvement of the company’s logistic services.

Job requirements

• Bachelor’s degree or higher (local confirmation and description required), more than 2 years of team management experience, independent knowledge and thinking in customer service.

• Over 3 years of professional experience in French local logistics customer service, familiarity with customer service management and operational processes; understanding of the workflow of terminal delivery, transshipment, and related transportation links.

• Strong communication skills, high capacity to withstand pressure, good teamwork ability, and problem-solving skills.

• Serving customers and creating value for them as an objective.

What we offer

• As a rapidly growing company with potential for public listing, we are also industry leaders, offering countless opportunities for each employee.

• A local, young, flexible, friendly, and dynamic team.

• Competitive remuneration and a generous bonus system.

• Health insurance + 50% transportation + Meal vouchers.

• Holiday gifts, festive activities, and regular original team-building events.

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